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to the Los Angeles Pierce College Weather Station! We are the official weather station of Woodland Hills, California. For over 60 years our weather station has been providing the local community with consistent, accurate, quality data. 

Our data has been—and is continually— used by colleges, universities, governments and private industry throughout Eurasia, Africa & the Americas ... read more

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Our station is one of the oldest operational cooperative weather stations in the country. For over a decade, what has set us apart from other stations is our online data available free to anyone, anytime. Here you can find links to all our sensors' data. These data is uploaded automatically and free to use for research or to simply satisfy your curiosity!

Due to state-wide budget cuts, the Pierce College Weather Station has very limited funding. As you may know, maintaining a weather station with state-of-the-art equipment and free data posted online can be costly. We want to maintain this service for our students and community members. However, if you'd like help, you can donate (any amount would help) using link above (via the Foundation). If so, please put "The Weather Station" in "Add Special Instructions to the Seller" box. Thanks!


Station News

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Congressman Sherman Obtains $85,000 for our Weather Station from Congress ... read more

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Automated Weather data

Monthly & Historical data

Summaries developed by Prof. Jason Finley at Pierce College. One year's worth of summaries will be kept on the website.